”A Call for African Unity.” Statement signed by Xuma, Jabavu, Moroka, Matthews, Bokwe, Godlo, Mosaka, Baloyi, Champion, Selope Thema, Ntlabati, and Mahabane, October 3,1948

We, the undersigned, having met in Bloemfontein on this the 3rd day of October 1948, considered the political situation in the Union of South Africa in so far as it affects the interests of the African people.

Having regard to all the facts, we are convinced that in recent times there has been a marked deterioration in the plight of the African in all aspects of his life.

We are alarmed and strongly protest against the callous disregard of the fundamental rights of the African by the Government, largely with acquiscence of European public opinion.

The determination to deprive Africans of all political and other human rights, the grave threat to all African Organisations implied in Proclamation No. 1890, the insidious threat to facilities for education including higher education, the increased restrictions of freedom of movement of the African, the denial of land and residential rights for Africans in urban and rural areas and the restrictions of employment or occupational facilities for the Africans to mention but a few, have given the Africans a sense of frustration and insecurity in the land of their forefathers and has undermined any confidence they might have had in the justice of most white men, in the promises and solemn pledges made by various Union Governments from time to time.

The situation constitutes a challenge which cannot be ignored by the African people.

The primary necessity in meeting the challenge is unified action on the part of the African people.

We are convinced that the preliminary step in this direction is the Unification of the main African political organisations—the African National Congress and the All African Convention into "THE ALL AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS", united and inspired by common principles and a common programme of action for the achievement of the liberation of the African people.

We consider it our duty at this time of crisis to call upon leaders and members of the Organisations concerned to take immediate steps to bring about this unification. In this connection we urge that December 16th, 1948, be the day fixed for the bringing about of this Unified National Political Organisation.
We suggest that the conference at which it is expected this national unity will be achieved must be held at Bloemfontein, on the 16th December, 1948.

We urge putting aside all questions of personal and organisational prestige, differences of the past and any other private business or programme on the part of the organisations concerned and concentrate their efforts and attention on the achievement of national unity of the African people.

We have now reached a period of crisis in the national life of the African people occasioned by the Union's Native Policy.

The situation calls for clear, constructive thinking as well as calculated and bold actions on our part as the people.

We therefore, most earnestly appeal to all Africans, Chiefs, Ministers of Religion, Leaders, men and women, young and old to rally to the call for African Unity, and make December 16th, 1948, a turning point in African political history.

Signed: A. B. Xuma (Convenor), D. D. T. Jabavu, J. S. Moroka, Z. K. Matthews, R. T. Bokwe, R. H. Godlo, Paul R. Mosaka, R. G. Baloyi, A. W. G. Champion, R. V. Selope Thema, L. K. Ntlabati, Z. R. Mahabane.