A Crime Against Humanity - Analysing the Repression of the Apartheid State edited by Max Coleman


The Human Rights Committee wrote this book:-

-For those who did not know (or did not want to know) what the Apartheid State was doing in their name, but who now want to know and understand.

-For those who resisted and bore the brunt of Apartheid repression, and now have a need for a comprehensive but concise record of their past.

-For the relatives and friends of the victims who want to remember those who di e d in detention cells, on the executioners' gallows, by the hand of the State's assassins, and in massacres; and those who disappeared.

-For those neighbours of South Africa whose economies were wrecked and populations decimated by the destabilisation of Apartheid's survival strategies.

-For those in the international community who recognised the inherent evil of Apartheid and its threat to international peace and security, and wish now to have a better understanding of their role in bringing about the demise of Apartheid power.

-For the architects, proponents and beneficiaries of Apartheid who still seek an understanding of how the seemingly impregnable power of the Apartheid State could have crumbled so dramatically.

-Finally, this book was written for submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in response to their request for all information relating to gross human rights violations during the political conflicts of the past. The formal presentation of the manuscript took place on 27 May 1997, and became part of the record of the TRC.

-For its content the book draws largely from material published by the Detainees' Parents Support Committee from its formation in 1981 to its banning in 1988, and by the Human Rights Commission and the Human Rights Committee from 1988 to the present.

-Dr Coleman was a founder member of the Detainees' Parents Support Committee and of the Human Rights Commission.

"... I constantly had to say to myself: 'Yes, this is how it happened.' This is undoubtedly a very significant document, and the future will increasingly convince us of this fact." - The Reverend Beyers Naude in his foreword.

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