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As important as the fortieth anniversary of the assassination of Gandhiji which is observed on January 30, 1988, is the eightieth anniversary of his first imprisonment in South Africa in January 1908...
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A press release from the Poetry Africa festival, which ended in Durban last night, touted the presence of Mafika Gwala as the “exciting re-emergence of the respected Black-consciousness era...
Archive Type: Interviews
Author: C. Kuppusami
Archive Type: Online book
Author: Brian Kearney
Publication date: 2002
Archive Type: Online book
Michael Hathorn was detained in Durban Central Prison in 1960, for his role in the struggle. Recorded below is an extract from the prison diary that he kept whilst in detention, as well as his...
Author: Michael Hathorn
Archive Type: Prison Experience
These notifications were handed to property owners to inform them of their pending forced removals from their homes during Apartheid.
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