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These notifications were handed to property owners to inform them of their pending forced removals from their homes during Apartheid.
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In our regular series, “Under the influence”, we ask experts to share what they believe are the most influential works of art in their field. Here, artist/academic Sharlene Khan explains...
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30 YEARS AGO- RETURN TO PRISON 30 years ago on 12 June 1986 I was re-detained for 27 months. 18 of these were in solitary confinement due to my being the only white detainee. I had been released...
Author: Raymond Suttner
Archive Type: Prison Experience
Whatever the virtues of South Africa’s governing African National Congress (ANC) – we are assured it still has a few – it was never any good at armed struggle. And no more...
Author: Howard Barrell
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The Soul of the ANC is under severe attack not from external forces as we would have thought, but from its own members and leaders. At the beginning, and in our regular 'balance of forces'...
Author: Frank Chikane
Publication date: 21 September 2015
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Sport, Race, and Liberation Before Apartheid: A Preliminary Study of Albert Luthuli, 1920s-1952s Dr Peter Alegi, Department of History, Michigan State University Albert Luthuli's place in the...
Author: Dr Peter Alegi
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Durban - It is understandable that while meandering through Van Reenen’s pass, negotiating its dangerous terrain, a traveller is likely to miss a most superbly constructed church. Just a few...
Author: Sayed Iqbal Mohamed
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With special reference to the campaigns in Britain by the Anti-Apartheid Movement Paper prepared for the United Nations Unit on Apartheid in 1971 1 The system of white supremacy in South Africa is...
Author: Mary Corrigall
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One of the most striking buildings in Port Elizabeth is the famous Campanile. In the article below, Tennyson Smith Bodill reveals the history behind the creation of this remarkable structure. The...
Author: Tennyson Smith Bodill
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Author: Kgolane Rudolph Phala
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