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Esmé was as active as I was and we enjoyed working together. One of our early activities was helping to organise non-racial youth camps over the Easter weekends of 1954 and 1957. We felt it important...
Author: Denis Goldberg
I was a fresh-faced 16-year-old when I started my studies in 1950 at the University of Cape Town. In the long summer holiday between school and university I worked on a fruit farm some 85 miles from...
Author: Denis Goldberg
“Mum, please hold my poetry book. Help me memorise my lines.” “What’s it called?” she asked. “Hiawatha.” “Oh, then just say it,” she said, her hands deep in soapy washing-up water. “But, Mum, you’ve...
Author: Denis Goldberg
June 12, 1964 was the day for sentencing in the Rivonia Trial in Pretoria. The prosecution wanted the maximum sentence – and we expected it: death. But in a short statement to the court the judge...
Author: Denis Goldberg
After 22 years as a political prisoner and 24 years thereafter I felt it was time to write about my life in South Africa in struggle, in prison, in exile, in freedom and back home in my homeland,...
Author: Denis Goldberg
As the only White amongst those convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in the Rivonia Trial, Denis Goldberg will always have a unique place in that story. These memoirs offer the reader an...
Author: Zweledinga Pallo Jordan
Foreword by Dr Z. Pallo Jordan Preface Chapter 1 Break down the walls Chapter 2 Respect for all, Childhood in Cape Town, 1933 – 1949 Chapter 3 University Chapter 4 Political activity 1950-...
Author: Denis Goldberg
Author: Garth Canon Benneyworth
Publication date: 2 November 2017
Publisher: South Africa Historical Journal
Author: Garth Benneyworth
Publication date: 04 December 2017
Author: Garth Benneyworth
Publication date: 1963
Publisher: South African Historical Journal
Author: Garth Benneyworth
Publication date: 15 August 2017
Publisher: South African Historical Journal
‘The South African labour market,’ Charles van Onselen writes in New Nineveh, ‘has always been dominated by … mining, agriculture and domestic service.’ Van Onselen’s two-volume history of ‘everyday...
Author: Jeremy Harding
Publication date: 26 April 2018
The magnificent response to the call of the National Action Council for a three day strike and the wonderful work done by our organisers and field workers throughout the country proves once again...
Author: Nelson Mandela
Publication date: 26 June, 1961
Author: Yuxi Wang
Publication date: 2018
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela – doyen of South Africa’s liberation struggle and the matriarch who was dubbed ‘the mother of the nation’ – took the apartheid system head-on, at the huge personal cost. Her...
Author: Mashupye Herbert Maserumule
Publication date: 3 April 2018
First published by Spotlight.Africa Winnie Madikizela Mandela was not a safe pair of hands. True, life was far easier, calmer and less frightening and stressful for her husband in his almost 30...
Author: Paul Trewhela
Publication date: 6 April 2018