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Zuma survives in office once again – for now, Henning Melber, Pambazuka News, 17 August 2017
Johannesburg - The ANC headquarters in the Joburg CBD, Chief Albert Luthuli House, could be up for grabs soon after the Johannesburg High Court ordered the sheriff to auction the building. The order...
Publication date: 20 AUGUST 2017
Publisher: IOL
     This day 25 years ago bomb blasts in several main centres rocked South Africa. Thus was born Umkhonto we Sizwe, the People's Army of our country.     By that time...
Author: O. R. Tambo
Publication date: 16 December 1986
     We are greatly honoured to receive, on behalf of the African National Congress, the illustrious Ho Chi Minh Award, conferred by the World Peace Council on the vanguard movement of...
Author: O. R. Tambo
Publication date: 15 December 1986
     The tragedy that has befallen the people of Mozambique is without parallel in the history of the independent Africa.  It is a tragedy that has shocked and stunned...
Author: O. R. Tambo
Publication date: 22 October 1986
Mr. Chairman, Esteemed Heads of State and Government, Distinguished Ministers and fellow delegates, Comrades leaders of the liberation movements, Ladies and gentlemen,      A...
Author: O. R. Tambo
Publication date: 1 September 1986