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On January 18, the world lost an icon. Only much of the world did not know it. South African-Jamaican writer Peter Abrahams died at 97 in Jamaica, where he has been living for more than 60 years....
Author: Tyler Flemming
Publication date: 13 February 2017
Author: Peter McKenzie & Sylvie Peyre
Publication date: 2007
Publisher: ©Les Pas perdus/Henri's Cabin Films.
When trumpeter, flugelhorn-player, singer, composer and activist Hugh Ramapolo Masekela cancelled his appearance at the recent Johannesburg Joy of Jazz Festival and his remaining October shows,...
Publication date: 29 October 2017
Part 1 of 2 This node contains the sound files from afraidkora1123.wav to numtwokora1057.wav       afraidkora1123
The online version of Alfred Qabula'a Collected poems. 
Author: Alfred Qabula
Publication date: 2016
ISBN: 978-0-620-72872-0
Publisher: South African History Online
Author: Wiebke Keim
Publication date: 2015
Publisher: éditions des archives contemporaines
A packed courtroom clapped after Judge Billy Mothle ruled that in 1971 the SACP’s Timol was pushed by members of the Security Branch out of a window in John Vorster’s 10th floor or off its roof,...
The chapter was taken from the book Pioneers of the Satyagraha, Indian South Africans Defy Racist Laws, 1907 - 1914 by E.S. Reddy and Kalpana Hiralal
Two different current Narratives refugeesTo many Afrikaans speaking white people in South Africa the narrative of what in South Africa is called ‘The 2nd Anglo Boer War’ (or just shortened to ‘The...
Author: Peter Dickens
Publication date: March 1978
Author: Sindiso Mfenyana
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: South African History Online
It’s 28 years ago that FW became leader of the National Party and he won against Barend du Plessis. Has Barend du Plessis got a home on Lake Geneva? Not that I know of. It’s one of those other fake...
Author: Alec Hogg
Publication date: 15 September 2017