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Trumpeter, flugelhorn-player, singer, composer and activist Hugh Ramapolo Masekela has passed away after a long battle with prostate cancer. When he cancelled his appearance last year at the...
Author: Gwen Ansell
Publication date: 23 January 2018
Life Fatima Zohra Imalayen was born in 1936 in the town of Cherchell, Algeria (Chronology Assia Djebar 1996). She grew up learning both Arabic and French although French would come to be her enemy...
Author: Logan Landry
Publication date: 2017
Dambisa Moyo is a well renowned global economist. Born in Zambia she was exposed to the harsh economic realities that Africa faces early in her life. At independence in 1964, Zambia had adopted an...
Author: Alex Kamau
Publication date: 2017
Nawal el-Saadawi has been creative her entire life. As a young girl, she imagined becoming a singer or a dancer. Her dreams of becoming an artist were opposed by her parents, and she put all her...
Author: Sierra Hussey
Publication date: 2017
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a stern, resilient, and unapologetic reformist-feminist. With her feminist approach, she is poised to break down gender-based discriminatory barriers. Her life experiences...
Author: Charles Nwosu
Publication date: 2017
“The truth is revealed in people’s eyes. Words have so little value. You need to get under people’s skins. See what is inside.”[1] -The Shadow of Imana: Travels in the Heart of Rwanda Speaking at a...
Author: Tim Steckler
Publication date: 2017
Context In the 1960s, Senegal was a new, independent nation. It had previously been ruled in succession by the Portuguese, the Dutch and finally the French, becoming a part of French West Africa...
Author: Lauren Daugherty
Publication date: 2017
Micere Githae Mugo is an internationally known world speaker recognized for her literary works, essays and writings which she has used as a platform to advocate for social justice and human rights in...
Author: Caroline Gathogo
Publication date: 2017
Flora Nwapa - remembered today as Africa’s “literary foremother” - was born on [1]January 13, 1931 in Oguta, located in eastern Nigeria. She was the eldest of six children born to parents,...
Author: Emily Coolidge
Publication date: 2017
Author: Janet K.H. Hodgson
Publication date: 1975
Publisher: University of Cape Town


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