Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on April 04, 2011


ACAG Anti-Censorship Action Group

ANC African National Congress

ADJ Association of Democratic Journalists

AZAPO Azanian People Organisation

COM Campaign for Open Media

COSATU Congress of South African Trade Unions

ECC End Construction Campaign

MWASA Media Workers Association of South African

NPU National Press Union

PAC Pan Africanist Congress

PFP Progressive Federal Party

SAAN South African Association of Newspaper

SABC South African Broadcasting Corporation

SACC South African Council of Churches

SACP South Communist Party

SADF South African Defence Force

SAP South African Police

SASJ South African Society of Journalists

SASPU South African Students Press Union

SAYCO South African Youth Congress

UDF United Democratic Front

WASA Writers Association of South Africa

WIP Work in Progress