Transport and General Workers Union 1975

The GFWBF was subsequently transformed into the Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU) in July 1975. At the union’s official launch July, the union claimed 25,000 card members, a third of which were paid up.

In 1975, the TGWU reported that of the 25 factories, the union was trying to organise, 16 already had functioning shop stewards groups.

At the end of 1976, the survival of the TUACC unions in Natal were in jeopardy. The TGWU was ripped apart and paralysed by internal conflicts and the TUACC prioritised rebuilding TGWU.

 The TUACC Secretariat reported that by July 1978, the TGWU had established a stable BEC and the Industrial Sector was developing well in Durban. Organisation was much slower in Pietermaritzburg, but subscriptions were stable and one factory was well organised.

 In October 1978, the General Sector was transformed into the TUACC Workers Project, which aimed to provide benefits, legal aid and education to unorganised workers and encourage them to form committees to deal with group complaints and establish trade unions.

By May 1978, Regional Committees were established by the TGWU. 

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