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From: South Africa's Radical Tradition, a documentary history, Volume One 1907 - 1950, by Allison Drew Document 87 - "Lessons of the All-Bantu Convention", The Spark, 2, 2, February 1936 The...
Publication date: 2 February 1936
Archive Type: Book chapter
Introductlon One of the tasks the National Conference is charged with is the responsibility of electing a leadership collective. This is a matter that should be discussed openly within...
Publication date: 1 July 1997
Archive Type: Speeches and Public Statements
[John Langalibalele Dube could not attend the Conference in Bloemfontein on 8 January 1912 which founded the South African Native National Congress (later renamed the African National Congress) and...
Publication date: 2 February 1912
Archive Type: Speeches and Public Statements
Archive Type: Letters