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The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), campaigning groups and labour-supporting members of the European parliament this month launched protests about the continued harassment and jailing...
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Swaziland is a small mountain kingdom neighboured by South Africa and Mozambique. Reporting about the tiny country usually focuses on its beautiful landscapes ”” highly favoured by South...
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Author: Laurel L. Rose
Publisher: African Studies Series 69
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[Speaking at a press conference in Maputo, Mr. Tambo said that the ANC had already held two sets of discussions with the Swazi authorities on the South African "offer" of the Kangwane...
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Author: Balam Nyeko
Publication date: 1982
ISBN: 1-85109-226-9
Publisher: CLIO Press
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Author: Philip Bonner
Publication date: 1983
ISBN: 0 521 52300
Publisher: The Press Syndicate of The University of Cambridge
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Author: D. Hugh Gillis
Publication date: 1999
ISBN: 0–313–30670–2
Publisher: Greenwood Press
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