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The Soweto Uprising of June 16, 1976 did not just drop from the sky. The Black students of South Africa did not wake up one day and begin resisting Bantu Education. The uprising was carefully...
Author: Motsoko Pheko
Archive Type: Articles
June 18, 2016 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal reposted from Amandla! Magazine — A defining feature of the 1976 uprising was the decisive entry of black students onto...
Author: Professor Noor Nieftagodien
Archive Type: Articles
The month of June, like no other month, carries a galaxy of dates each of which records and bears witness to the heroic content of our struggle, the supreme justice of our cause, and our irrevocable...
Publication date: 16 June 1984
Archive Type: Speeches and Public Statements
On June 16, 1976, as we all know, the children of Soweto, Mamelodi, Gugulethu and other areas rose united in response to a massacre unprecedented in its nature and scale. On the occasion of the tenth...
Publication date: 16 June 1986
Archive Type: Speeches and Public Statements