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The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW, the Wobblies) was the main influence on the radical left in South Africa in the early twentieth century. But who were the South African Wobblies? This...
Author: Red Jack
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“Everyone has a story”, Sephiwe, the librarian at the Robben Island Mayibuye Archive, said to me as he handed me the newspaper file I needed. He was looking at my greying hair and the creases under...
Author: Norman Levy

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Introduction The 1960s are often described as a unique period of activism, in which students were to find themselves at the cutting edge of social radicalism, overeager to thrust themselves into...
Author: Robert Erbmann

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Charles van Onselen on 'Nongoloza' Mathebula. Introduction Modern South Africa's industrial achievements are often pointed to with considerable pride — sometimes by outsiders, but...
Author: Charles van Onselen

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Introduction We are not dealing with sets of statistics. We are talking about people of flesh and blood, who laugh and cry, who love and hate, who enjoy being cuddled. We are talking about men who...

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JOHANNESBURG, Dec. 15— The South African Army reported tonight that six people were killed and five people seriously wounded when a light truck set off a land mine close to the border with...
Author: Sheila Rule

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Mobilise world support for African Liberation struggle [Oliver Tambo, speaking on behalf of all liberation movements, thanked the Government of Norway for its hospitality. He specially praised the...

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Publication date: January 2008
Description: <p>This thesis is submitted in part fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Ph.D at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, January 2008.</p>