13 year-old South African Native mineworker is published in a newspaper


SA's 13 year-old miner

Thursday, 1 January 1970

On 7 March 1960, a photograph of a 13 year-old Native boy in a torn vest was published in the front page of the London Labour paper, the Daily Herald, with the headline "The miner, aged 13."

According to reports the boy was a miner at Clydesdale Colliery in Coalbrook, Orange Free State. The boy's wage was less than four pounds per month. The Daily Herald reported: "This is the sort of thing that could happen only in South Africa." In reaction, the Transvaal mining quarters said  that the treatment of the boy's story is the sort of the thing that could happen only in London.

According to the Native Labour Regulation Act, it was an offence to employ a Native in a mine under the age of 18 years. This act was amended by the Natives Laws Amendment Act of 1952.


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