Drum Magazine calls for the release of all political prisoners


Zinzi Mandela on the cover of Drum magazine, in May 1980 Source: https://tonymac04.hubpages.com

Saturday, 8 February 1975

The popular Drum Magazine called on South African Prime Minister B.J. Vorster to follow the example of Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith and to release all political prisoners. The magazine specifically mentioned Nelson Mandela and Bram Fischer. The campaign was successful to a certain extent as Fischer, who was seriously ill with cancer, was released a few weeks before his death on 8 May 1975.

Founded in 1951, Drum Magazine was instrumental in the struggle against apartheid. It often exposed ills committed against black people by the apartheid regime during the 1950’s. The magazine has since distanced its self from politics and become more oriented towards market news, entertainment and feature articles.

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