Edward Roworth, SA landscape painter, dies in Somerset West


”Cape Farmhouse “(1880-1964) by Edward Roworth. Source:www.artinconnu.com

Tuesday, 13 August 1963

Edward Roworth was a British born South African artist. Roworth came to South Africa in 1902 with the British forces during the Anglo-Boer war. At the end of the war Roworth decided to stay in South Africa. He settled in the Cape, where the scenery would later be the inspiration for his paintings.

Most of his paintings depict old farmhouses in Cape Town. He particularly loved painting the landscapes of the Cape and Natal. He was also revered for his portraits. In 1908, Roworth was elected president of the South African Society of Artists. He was also one of the first few people to paint frescoes in South Africa. Roworth died in 1963.

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