A meeting titled “Conference for Concerned South Africans” is held, bringing together homeland leaders and conservative Afrikaner parties.



Tuesday, 6 October 1992

A meeting titled "Conference for Concerned South Africans" brought together some homeland leaders and conservative Afrikaner parties. Amongst those present were: Mangosutho Buthelezi of KwaZulu, Oupa Gqozo of Ciskei, Lucas Mangope of Bophuthatswana, Andries Treurnicht of Conservative Party and Andries Beyers of the Afrikaner Volksunie. The key issue under discussion was the way they were being treated at the Convention for a Democratic South Africa (Codesa), a body set to discuss a new constitution for South Africa. They felt that the African National Congress and government were concerned about their welfare ignoring the rest of participants in Codesa talks.

These Right-wingers called for the scrapping of Codesa and condemned the record of understanding between the ANC and the government. Mangope issued a stern warning that should he not be consulted on several issues, he was going to follow Mangosuthu Buthelezi's example and walk out of the constitutional talks. Ironically, he even warned of bloodshed, should the ANC decide to march to Bophuthatswana. Gqozo told the conference that the neo-Nazi Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) had promised to support him should the ANC try to enter the Ciskei. These apartheid puppets were more vocal when Treurnicht promised further defence from any attack by the ANC. Underlying his weakness; Buthelezi wanted the constitutional negotiations to consider self-determination within a federal structure, if he were to return to Codesa.

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