Negotiations between SA, Cuba and Angola start in London


G8 Meeting

Tuesday, 3 May 1988

Representatives of South Africa, the United States (US), Angola and Cuba met in London (3-4 May) in search of a solution to the Angolan war and independence for Namibia. These negotiations heralded the end of foreign intervention in the war in Angola and the ultimate independence of South West Africa/Namibia. Neil van Heerden, SA director general of foreign affairs, led the South African delegation. The meetings, hosted by the US and led by Chester Crocker, took place in the informal atmosphere of London coffee shops in various venues. Also present at the first meeting at the coffee station at Brown's Hotel, were Gen. Jannie Geldenhuys (South Africa), Gen. Rosales del Toro (Cuba) and Antonio Dos Santos Franca 'Ndalu' (Angola).

This meeting was followed in the same month by meetings in Congo-Brazzaville and the groundbreaking Cairo summit.

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