Oubangi-Shari achieves independence as the Central African Republic

Saturday, 13 August 1960

Oubangi-Shariachieved independence as the Central African Republic (CAR) with David Dacko, the cousin of the former Prime Minister, Barthélémy Boganda (who died in mysterious circumstances during the presidential election campaign), as president. On 31 December 1965 Dacko was overthrown in the Saint-Sylvestre coup by Colonel Jean-Bédel Bokassa, who suspended the constitution and dissolved the National Assembly.

On 23 March 2013, about 13 South African soldiers were killed when they were attacked by rebel fighters near the CAR’s capital, Bangui. Another 27 were left wounded. A 14th soldier died in hospital months after the incident.

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Last updated : 08-Aug-2013

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