A plan designed to fight Italian forces, Operation ‘Agreement’ is executed in Libya


Members of the Long Range Desert Group Members of the Long Range Desert Group for Operation Caravan.Source: http://www.

Monday, 14 September 1942

Operation 'Agreement', raid by British, Rhodesian and New Zealand troops on Tobruk, Barce, and Benghazi was planned to destroy installations, shipping and also to stop Italian forces from reaching Tobruk and Benghazi. The operation was mounted during the Second World War which started in the early hours of 1 September 1939 when three German Stuka dive bombersshowed up unexpectedly over the skies of Poland. The German Stuka dive bombers destroyed the detonating wires leading to a bridge that the Poles were planning to blow up to prevent the German advance.

Operation Agreement was made up of four simultaneous raids – Agreement on Tobruk, Bigamy on Benghazi, Nicety on Jalo oasis and Caravan on Barce – which were to be carried out by the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) and the SAS . Operation ‘Agreement’ was an ambitious plan and due to excessive complications the plan failed and with many lives lost in the process.


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