A history of Apartheid in South Africa

The first leader of the National Party (NP) became Prime Minister as part of the PACT government in 1924. The NP was ..read more
1984-1990:- The people armed Introduction Numerous factors characterised the intensification of the freedom struggle ..read more
The position of South Africa in international affairs remained important throughout apartheid. The South African ..read more
Immorality Amendment Act, Act No 21 of 1950 This Act was one of the most controversial pieces of Apartheid legislation ..read more
South Africa's racial policy and the UNO South Africa and apartheid was placed on the agenda of the United Nations for ..read more
The early 1980s There was little change in the situation from the late 1970s to the early 1980s in South Africa. After ..read more
Introduction Full feature on the History of Women’s struggle in South Africa will give a broader view of the ..read more
The Bantustans or homelands, established by the Apartheid Government, were areas to which the majority of the Blacks ..read more
James Barry Munnik (JBM) Hertzog was born in Soetendal Wellington on the 6 th of April 1866. Hertzog was the eighth ..read more
General Jan Christiaan Smuts was born near Riebeeck West in the Cape Colony on 24 May 1870. His mother taught him the ..read more
Introduction The history of white colonial land dispossession began at the Cape with the expansion of the Dutch ..read more
Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 8 September 1901. He was the second child of Anje ..read more
Overview John Vorster was the prime minister of South Africa from 1966 to 1978, after having served as Minister of ..read more


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