National Initiative for Reconciliation (NIR)

National Initiative for Reconciliation (NIR) is a network of Christian individuals, congregations and organisations working for justice, reconciliation and peace in South Africa. Its stated mission is to bring reconciliation and peace in South Africa. It was launched in 1985 by Michael Cassidy in the wake of the Kairos document which justified armed resistance under the umbrella of Christianity, NIR organised a national day of prayer throughout South Africa to encourage dialogue and dissuade churches from promoting violence. It was successful in attracting various church leaders to come together and work towards reconciliation in South Africa

NIR's other programs were to open opportunities for people from various backgrounds to share their time, gifts and expertise in each others communities, mobilise people to make use of these opportunities, facilitate work camp, social year and development assistant placement programs, facilitate volunteer exchange programs between South Africa and other countries.

Last updated : 14-Apr-2016

This article was produced for South African History Online on 30-Mar-2011