Maduna Abednego was released from Robben Island prison on 8 October 1973. His prison number was 1/5392. He was from Zwelithsa... read more
Shamar Abduraghman was released from Robben Island prison on 9 June 1982. His prison number was 15/8157.  read more
Sibene Abishayi was released from Robben Island prison on 4 November 1964. His prison number was KB1692/64. read more
Chiloane Abel was released from Robben Island prison on 20 June 1978. His prison number was 1/5355. read more
G. Abdulla was a Cape member of the South African Indian Federation (SAIF) in 1927. read more
Likard Aba was banned under Act No. 44 of 1950 (Suppression of Communism Act) Section 9.
Mohamed (Bob) Suleman Asmal was born in 1923 in Piet Retief.  He was accused in the Treason Trial, and the trial that was run parallel... read more
David ‘Andy’ Anderson was born in Kwazulu-Natal. He began his editorial cartooning career in 1977, submitting work for the Natal... read more
Cassim Amra was born in 1919 in Durban Natal (now kwaZulu-Natal).  He attended Sastri College, Durban  where he represented the se... read more
This biography was written by SAHO in collaboration with Artthrob Modus Operandi Jane Alexander is known for her figurative sculptures, ofte... read more
Autshumao also known as Herry the strandloper (beach walker), he was chief and interpreter of the Gorinhaikonas. In 1630 he was taken to Ban... read more
Arndt was born in Canada in 1890 and died in South Africa in 1982. In South Africa, Arndt set about informing the government on the importan... read more