Advocate Vernon Celliers Berrangé was born on 25 November 1900 in the Transvaal (now Gauteng). His lived and worked all his life in Johannes... read more
Mary Burton was born on 19 January 1940 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. One of three children of Molly and Peter Ingouville, Burton and her fami... read more
Jean Alkin was born on 19 May 1914 in Panevezys, Lithuania. She was the eldest of four children. Jean’s family moved to South Africa w... read more
Allan Aubury Boesak was born at Kakamas, Northern Cape, one of eight children. His father, a schoolteacher, died when Boesak was six years o... read more
Baloyi moved to Alexandra north of Johannesburg in 1922. His first job was that of a taxi driver but in 1925 he became a taxi owner. In 1927... read more
Born in 1894 in Britain, in 1928 he was sent to South Africa by the British Independent Labour Party as an Advisor to the Industrial and Com... read more
He was born in London in 1873, the son of Sir Percy William Bunting, the founder and editor of the Contemporary Review. His mother was a soc... read more
Dr. Saleem Badat is Vice Chancellor of Rhodes University, South Africa.  He holds Bachelors and Honours degrees in Social Sciences fro... read more
Virgile Joseph Bonhomme was born in Durban on 15 March 1944 to Patricia and Francoise Virgile Bonhomme. Bonhomme attended St Augustine... read more
Born in Lithuania in 1924, Barsel came to South Africa when she was three years old. She dedicated her life to the struggle of the South Afr... read more
Odd one out Over the years many people have asked me how it came about that I, amongst all the Afrikaners that I grew up with or knew, as a... read more
Very impressive biography.