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Molvi Ismail Ahmed Cachalia was born in the then Transvaal province of South Africa on 5 December 1908. At the time Cachalia’s father,... read more
Harold Cressy was born on 1 February 1889 in Rorkes Drift, KwaZulu Natal. He was one of the five children of Bernard and Mary Cressy. The lo... read more
Azhar Cachalia was born in Scotland in 1956. He attended school there and then later in Benoni, Gauteng province, South Africa. He matricula... read more
Born in 1915 and restricted to Johannesburg by the apartheid government. A leading figure in the South African Indian Congress in the 1940s... read more
Yusuf Cachalia was born in Johannesburg on 15 January 1915. A leading figure in the South African Indian Congress (SAIC) in the 1940s and 19... read more
Professor Hoosen Mahomed "Jerry" Coovadia was born in Durban, in 1940.   His grandparents had come to South Africa aroun... read more
Sathasivian “Saths” Cooper was born on 11 December 1950 in Durban. He was the eldest child of Alimal and Appasamy Cooper. Cooper... read more
Julian Cobbing was born in 1944 in London. He studied at the University of London where he gained his Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree and later... read more
Hestrie Cloete (née Storbeck) was born in 1978 in Germiston, Transvaal (now Gauteng). She grew up in the small town of Coligny, Western Tran... read more
Jonathan ‘Johnny’ Clegg was born in Bacup, near Rochdale in England on 7 June 1953. His father was from England but his mother w... read more
Norman Catherine was born in East London, South Africa in September 1949. He studied at the East London Technical School of Art and held his... read more