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Twasile Champion Galela was born in Korsten, Port Elizabeth on 24 October 1947. He received his primary education at Hillskraal in Korsten.... read more
Qaqawuli Godolozi was born in Durban 26 of July 1955 to Mbuyiselo Godolozi and Nobubele Jafta. His family relocated to Peddie in the Eastern... read more
Nadine Gordimer was born in Springs, Transvaal (now Gauteng), an East Rand mining town outside Johannesburg in 1923. Her father, Isidore Gor... read more
Mafika Pascal Gwala was born on 5 October 1946 in the town of Verulam, a region predominantly inhabited by Zulus and Indians, in what was th... read more
David Goldblatt, one of South Africa’s most famous documentary photographers, is internationally acclaimed for his work. The grandson of Lit... read more
In Summary: Teacher, community leader, political activist and member of the UDF. One of the ‘Cradock Four’ murdered by the South African sec... read more
Joshua Oupa Gqozo was born in Kroonstad on 10 March 1952. He is the son of Anna and Fikile Joel Gqozo. His father was a skilled labourer and... read more
Joe Nzingo Gqabi was born in 1929 in Aliwal North, Cape Province.Gqabi joined the African National Congress (ANC) in the middle of... read more
Frances Herman Gow was born in 1887 in Cape Town, the son of a Coloured mother and an Afro-American father.  He was educated in America... read more
Gawe was born in 1900 in the Herschel district of the Cape, where both his parents were teachers. He attended St. Matthew's College and late... read more
Gastrow became a politician shaped by the liberal politics of 1960s and 1970s South Africa. In 1971, his political views were strengthened b... read more