David Goldblatt, who is one of South Africa’s most famous documentary photographers, is internationally acclaimed for his work. The grandson... read more
‘Cecil Galeta’ was born on 7 June 1941 and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa.  However, he was more commonly known as Cecil Barnard; B... read more
Josiah Tshangana Gumede was born on 9 October 1867 in Healdtown Village, Fort Beaufort in the Eastern Cape. His father, John Gumede, and his... read more
Ronnie Govender was born on 16May 1934 in Cato Manor, Durban, Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal).  His father was born in Cato Manor and his mot... read more
Bertha Gxowa was born on the 28 November 1934, in Germiston Location where she spent her early childhood. She went to school at the Thokoza... read more
Zainunnisa “Cissie” Gool was born in Cape Town in 1897. Her father was the prominent politician, Dr Abdullah Abdurahman, leader of the Afric... read more
Frene Ginwala was born on April 25, 1932 in Johannesburg in what was then the Province of the Transvaal (now Gauteng Province). Her politics... read more
Ela Gandhi was born in 1940 in Phoenix Settlement in the Inanda district, KwaZulu Natal. Indians, Coloured, Whites and Africans lived h... read more
Denis Theodore Goldberg, an engineer by training, was born on 11 April 1933 in Cape Town, Cape Province (now Western Cape). He mar... read more
Aldin Grout was born on 2 September 1803 in Pelham, Massachusetts in the United States. In 1830 Grout graduated from Amherst College and con... read more
Gabashane is a graphic artist and ceramic sculptor. He attended the ELC Art and Craft Centre, Rorke’s Drift during the 1960s.  He... read more
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