Ismail "Tatamkhulu Afrika" Joubert  was born in As Sallum in Egypt as Mohamed Faud Nasif to an Arab father and a Turkish moth... read more
Acted as President of the Transvaal when the territory was annexed in 1877, joined Kruger and Pretorius to take up arms against the British.... read more
David Ivon Jones was born in 1883 in Aberystwyth, Wales. Jones was orphaned as a young child.  He was brought up by his grandparents, b... read more
Sir Julius Gottlieb Ferdinand Jeppe was born in Rostock, Mecklenburg- Schwerin, Germany in July 1859. Jeppe and his family immigrated to Sou... read more
Leander Starr Jameson was the son of Robert William Jameson and Christian Pringle. After his parents moved to London, he went to school at G... read more
John Tengo Jabavu was born on 11 January 1859 near the Methodist mission school at Healdtown district. His parents, though poor, were anxiou... read more
Marlise Joubert was born in Elim (near Levubu), Northern Transvaal (now Limpopo Province). She grew up in Warmbaths (Bela Bela) and has... read more
Helen Beatrice May Fennell was born in Easebourne, United Kingdom, in 1905. She grew up in London, with her parents and brother, Frank. She... read more
Ingrid Jonker was born on 19 September 1933 on a farm in the rural area of Douglas, near Kimberley in the Northern Cape. After her parents’... read more
Zubeida Jaffer is a journalist who was active in the South African anti-apartheid and the trade union movements. She obtained a bachelor's d... read more
Davidson Don Tengo Jabavu (D. D. T) Jabavu was born in the Cape Colony in 1885. He was the eldest son of John Tengo Jabavu, a politician tur... read more
Helen Nontando (Noni) Jabavu was born in 1919 in the Eastern Cape into a literary family. From the age of thirteen, she was schooled in Engl... read more