Nkosi Johnson was born Xolani Nkosi to an HIV positive mother in a township on the east rand. When his mother became too ill to take care of... read more
Joosub was born in Ranavav in India in 1862. He was the youngest of five children fathered by Hajee Joosub, a merchant, farmer and herbalist... read more
Devikarani Priscilla Jana was born on 5 December 1943, in Westville, Natal, to a middle class Indian family.[i] From an early age Jana... read more
He was commonly referred to as Dada Abdulla. His brother, Abdul Karim Jhaveri, and himself, were the directors of Dada Abdulla and Company.... read more
Abdulhay Jassat became involved in politics as a member of the  Transvaal Indian Congress (TIC), which was an affiliate of th... read more
Elsabé Antoinette Murray Joubert (married surname Steytler) was born on 19 October 1922 in Paarl where she grew up, and studied at the unive... read more
Archibald Campbell Mzolisa Jordan, the son of an Anglican minister, was born on 30 October 1906 at the Mbokothwana Mission Station in the Ts... read more
  Jordaan was born in Springs, Gauteng. He is a painter, sculptor and graphic artist. He studied at the University of Pretoria, obtaini... read more
James Ranisi Jolobe was best known for his collection of poems, Umyezo (1936). He also played a major role in the compilation and translatio... read more
Fanie Jason was born on the 15 May 1953, Heathfield, Cape Town. Under the South African Group Areas Act, Jason's family was forced to mo... read more
Wokpo was born on 26 July 1939 in Middelburg, Cape Town. He received his education at the University of Potchefstroom, but his studies were... read more
Legendary Cape Town jazz musician, Robert Edward Jansen was born on 5 August 1949.  The Cape Doctor, as he was popularly known, was one... read more