Alfred Milner, a statesman and colonial administrator, became Governor of the Cape and High Commissioner of South Africa in 1897. He pushed... read more
Bertha Mkhize was born in 1889 in Embo, near Mkhomazi. Her father, an ox wagon driver, died when Bertha was about four years old. After his... read more
The Native Affairs Department (NAD) report for 1949-50 noted that ‘in the Matlala Location [Matlala's Location, Pietersburg Distri... read more
HIV positive mother and works as an AIDS educator.
Jacob Matlala was born in 1962 in Meadowlands, Johannesburg. At the age of 10 he started going to the gymnasium with his father who was an a... read more
Paul Ramotsoane Mosaka was born in Johannesburg and received his early primary education there. His secondary education was at Headltown nea... read more
Msane was born in Natal, but very little is known about his early life. He was educated at the Edendale Mission in Pietermaritzburg, and at... read more
John Beaver (JB) Marks was born on 21 March 1903, Ventersdorp, Western Transvaal (now North West Province).  His father was a railway w... read more
Joe Mafela, actor, songwriter and film producer was born in 1942 in Sibasa, Limpopo Province. His father worked as a shop assistant in a Chi... read more
Bhekisani Manyoni was born on 6 September 1945 in Greytown, Natal. After Manyoni completed three years of study at Rorke\'s Drift in 196... read more
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When government police ordered Mgijima's followers to remove their settlement from crown lands, they resisted and police opened fire, ki... read more