Moses Josiah Madiba was born 22 November 1909 in Seshego, Pietersburg District. He was one of the seven children of Jesaya Sekgoadi and Joha... read more
Edward Clark Churchill Mace was born in Leicester, England, 1863. He emigrated to Australia when he was eighteen and made a fortune from min... read more
Dumisani Abraham Mabaso was born on 20 June 1955 in Soweto. He received his initial basic art training at the YWCA (Young Women’s Chris... read more
Thabo Marera was born in Soweto on 18 September 1972 and matriculated at Anchor Orlando North High School.  After studying drama at the... read more
Fikile Magadledla, South African artist and co-founder of the Soweto Art Association, was born in Newclare, Johannesburg, on 13 December 195... read more
Marais was one of the most innovative Afrikaans writers and a pioneer of the usage of free verse in Afrikaans. He was an editor of the newsp... read more
Leonard Tshela Mohapi Matsoso was born in Pimville, Soweto. From 1962 to 1970, while still at school, Matsoso studied at the Jubilee Ar... read more
A documentary and fine art photographer, Leonie's (nee Swanepoel) work is represented in galleries in New York, Los Angeles and Johannesburg... read more
The first pictures Marinovich took of a news event were of Archbishop Desmond Tutu when he led a church service in downtown Johannesburg in... read more
Helen Elizabeth Martins was born on 23 December 1897 in the Karoo village of Nieu Bethesda in the Eastern Cape. She was the youngest of six... read more
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