H. A. Naidoo was born in Durban in 1915 and was recruited into the Communist Party in the mid-1930s by Edward Roux. He became an active trad... read more
Govindasamy Krishnasamy Thambi Naidoo*was born of indentured stock in 1875 in Mauritius. His family, originally from Mattur, state of Madras... read more
Narainsamy Thambi Naidoo, also known as “Naran” or “Roy.” was born in 1901 in Pietermaritzburg, Natal (now kwaZulu-N... read more
Morgan (Gonaseelan) Naidoo was born in 1936 in Durban.  He spent most of his young life at the FOSA TB Settlement, just north of the ci... read more
Mooroogiah Dhanapathy Naidoo, a South African lawyer who was an active opponent of apartheid, died on June 1 in his birthplace, Durban, Sout... read more
Indrasena (Indres) Elatchininathan Naidoo worked as a clerk and became the main support of the family after the death of his father Narainsa... read more
  When Prema Naidoo and others were detained in 1981, the South African press published a photograph of his ten-year-old son, Kuben Nai... read more
  Veerammal Naidoo, wife of Govindasamy Krishnasamy Thambi Naidoo*, suffered greatly because of the repeated imprisonments of her husba... read more
Coopoosamy, the eldest son of Thambi and Veerammal Naidoo, was sentenced in 1909 to seven days with hard labour for hawking without licence.... read more
  Premanathan "Prema" Naidoo, the youngest son of Ama and Thambi Naidoo, was born in Doornfontein, Johannesburg, Transvaal (now Gauteng... read more
  Mithrasagaran (Murthie) Naidoo was the son of Ama and Thambi Naidoo.  He worked as a clerk and was detained for political activi... read more
  Barasarthi Naidoo, the eldest son of Thambi and Veerammal Naidoo, was born on 22 December 1903. At a farewell banquet for Mohandas (M... read more