Masana Sam Nzima was born on the 8th of August 1934 in Lillydale, a small village in Bushbuck Ridge, Sam grew up on a farm where his father... read more
Beyers Naudé was born in Roodepoort, in the then Transvaal, on 10 May 1915. He was named after Christiaan Frederik Beyers, a Boer general wh... read more
Born in Springs, situated east of Johannesburg, Pitika Ntuli grew up with a keen interest in art. As a young man, he got involved in politic... read more
Albert Nzula was born in Rouxville, in the Orange Free State in 1905. He received his formal education at Bensonvale in Herschel and at Love... read more
Hamilton Naki was born in the small village of Ngcangane in the Eastern Cape in 1930. His family was poor and after completing primary schoo... read more
  Nxumalo was born in Magud, Natal in 1952. He is a self-taught sculptor who has participated in numerous group exhibitions.  He... read more
Caiphas Nxumalo graduated from Rorke's Drift in 1971 and during the 1970s was a free-lance artist in Pomeroy. He uses indigenous woods f... read more
  Derrick Vusimusi Nxumalo was born in 1962 in Dumisa, Natal. Nxumalo passed Standard VIII at Phindavela High School. He received no fo... read more
Jabulani Nxumalo, better known as Comrade Mzala, was born on 27 October 1955, in Dundee, Northern Natal. His parents Benjamin and Elsie were... read more
  She was born in Winterton, Natal. She was trained by Fée Halsted-Berning at Ardmore. Before her untimely death she participated... read more
Ntshangase was born at Nongoma, Zululand. He attended art classes at KwaBazini CP School; he did his secondary schooling at KwaZide High Sch... read more
Ntuli was born in the uBombo district, northern Zululand. He received his primary school education at the Ndaleni Practising School, Richmon... read more