Powell was born in Kenya. She studied Fine Art of the Durban College of Art (now the Durban Institute of Technology), and for a three-year D... read more
He was born in 1960 at KwaMashu, Durban. He passed his matric in 1978 at Isibonelo High School in KwaMashu. He is a graphic artist who studi... read more
Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef was born on 13 August 1886 in Pretoria from Dutch parents. Pierneef started his high school career at the Staatsmod... read more
Mnyaluza Pemba was born on 2 April 1912 at Hill’s Kraal in Korsten, Port Elizabeth. Although art classes were not offered at the Van d... read more
She was born in Beckenham, London. The family emigrated to South Africa in 1927. She obtained a BA(FA) in 1950 from UN(P). From 1941 to 1950... read more
"First of all, I don't take art particularly seriously. I make the work because I enjoy making it. No more complicated reason than... read more
Tracy Payne’s hyper real paintings evoke a sense of sublime sexuality in the art of constraint, even if she is painting a flower. She... read more
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Pokela was one of the Africanist in the African National Congress Youth League who broke off to found Pan Africanist Congress in 1959. In 19... read more
An active member of the Transvaal Indian Youth Congress in the early 1950s and a delegate to the 1953 World Festival of Youth in Bucharest.... read more
Gangen George Ponnen was born on 1 June 1913 in the district of Rooikopjes near Durban, in the then Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal). His fath... read more