Canodoise Daniel Themba (Can Themba) was born in 1924, in Marabastad, Pretoria, Transvaal (now Gauteng),South Africa. He attended the Univer... read more
Anna 'Sister Nannie' Tempo, was born of a slave mother and father who were kidnapped as children off the coast of Mozambique. She was born i... read more
Contents A biography of Rick Turner Turner and the Security police Turner, Biko and Black Consciousness Turner and the Labour mov... read more
Isaac Bangani Tabata (known as I.B. Tabata) was born near Queenstown in the Cape in 1909 and received his secondary schooling at L... read more
Andrew Tshabangu was born in Soweto, Johannesburg, Transvaal (now Gauteng), South Africain 1966. Andrew has studied at a number of instituti... read more
Tempo started off working by looking after Henrietta Schreiner’s nephews. She soon converted to Christianity and began helping Schreiner wit... read more
Ahmed Timol was born in Breyton, Transvaal on 3 November 1941 to Haji Yusuf Ahmed Timol and Hawa Ismail Dindar. His father came to South Afr... read more
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Andimba Herman Toivo Ya Toivo was born on 22 August 1924 in Omangundu near Ondangwa in the Oshikoto Region in northern Namibia. He attended... read more
After completing a B.Comm at the University of Cape Town in 1983, Tillim joined Afrapix, a collective of South African photographers, in 198... read more
Leading member of the South African Congress of Democrats. He was born in Latvia in 1927 and came with his family to South Africa in 19... read more
Eugene Ney Terre'Blanche was born in Ventersdorp to staunchly Afrikaner nationalist parents on January 31, 1944. The progenitor of the T... read more