Leader of the first major secessionist church in South Africa, Tile was born in Tembuland in the Transkei and received some formal education... read more
Abram Onkgopotse Ramothibi Tiro was born on 9 November 1947 in Dinokana, a small village near Zeerust North West Province, South Africa. His... read more
Mthuthuzeli Tom was born on 7 September 1959, in the village of Mpongo outside East London, and was one of eight children. His mother was a... read more
Elliot Tonjeni was born in 1895 in the Transkei and later went to Cape Town, where he joined the Communist Party of South Africa (... read more
Born in the Orange Free State, Tloome became involved in trade union work in the 1930s and joined the Communist Party. In 1941 he was chosen... read more
Andries Treurnicht was born on 19 February 1921 on Middelpos farm in Piketberg, Cape Town. He attended Piketberg High School where he matric... read more
Tsafendas was the parliamentary messenger who assassinated Prime Minister HF Verwoed, by stabbing him four times with a dagger, during... read more
President of the All African Convention (AAC) from 1948 to 1959. Born in the Transkei, he graduated from Port Hare in 1935 and fir... read more
Stalwart of the Cape African National Congress in the 1950s. He was born in 1925 in Port Elizabeth, and inherited the political in... read more
Gladstone Xala Tshume was born on 1912, he joined the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) in the late 1930s while working for a... read more
Henry Daniel Tyamzashe was born in Kimberley in 1880, the son of a prominent Xhosa minister in the United Free Church of Scotland. He comple... read more
Chairman of the Sophiatown African National Congress in the mid-1950s and a first-string accused in the Treason Trial of 1... read more