Jennifer Schreiner (known as Jenny) was born in Johannesburg, Transvaal (now Gauteng) in 1956 to G.D.L. Deneys and Else Schreiner.  Els... read more
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Hilda Bernstein (nee Watts) was born in London in 1915. She was educated at state schools. Bernstein relocated to South Africa in 1932 where... read more
Robert Mokxotho Matji was born on 22 August 1922 in Pretoria, Transvaal (now Gauteng). He later moved to the Eastern Cape, settling in Port... read more
Sathima Benjamin was born into a humble family in Claremont, Cape Town in 1936. Deeply influenced by the cosmopolitan culture she grew up wi... read more
Mary Benson was born in Pretoria where she received her early education. In 1941 she joined the South African Women’s Army and served in Cai... read more
Born in Lithuania in 1924, Barsel came to South Africa when she was three years old. She dedicated her life to the struggle of the South Afr... read more
Yetta Barenblatt was born on 24 September 1913, in Dublin, Ireland, to Basna and Solomon Malamed.  In 1925, a friend encouraged her to... read more
Ballinger was a member of the white Native Representatives Council (NRC) in the 1930s, and together with Senator Edgar Brookes helped to cha... read more
Zainab Asvat, daughter of EI Asvat, came under the tutelage of her father as a young girl. She accompanied him to political meetings and bec... read more
Frances “MaBaard” Baard was born 1st of October in 1909 in Kimberley, Northern Cape. She worked as a domestic servant and then as a teacher... read more
As a young person, Arenstein joined the left wing Book Club in Durban where, among other authors, Marx and Lenin were read and discussed. At... read more