Gawe was born in 1900 in the Herschel district of the Cape, where both his parents were teachers. He attended St. Matthew's College and late... read more
Gastrow became a politician shaped by the liberal politics of 1960s and 1970s South Africa. In 1971, his political views were strengthened b... read more
Suliman Moosa Esakjee was born in 1928. He worked as a clerk, and was an active member of the Transvaal Indian Congress (TIC) from... read more
Colin Wells Eglin was born in Sea Point, Cape Town, Western Province (now Western Cape) on 14 April 1925. His parents, Carl August and Elsie... read more
King of the United Kingdom (1901-1910), born in London, England, United Kingdom, the eldest son of Queen Victoria. Educated privately, and a... read more
Barend Jacobus du Plessis was born on 19 January 1940 in Johannesburg to Martie and Jan Hendrik du Plessis. He was the eldest of three child... read more
Sir Patrick Duncan was born on 21 December 1870 in Fortrie (Aberdeen-shire). Duncan first educated in Edinburgh, he entered Balliol College,... read more
British soldier, and Governor at the Cape from 1820-21. He named the burgeoning port of Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth in memory of the death of... read more
Chris Dlamini was born in Benoni, Transvaal, on 10 October 1944, one of the five children of Anna and Gilbert Dlamini, a worker in an electr... read more
Stephen Dlamini was born in 30 November 1913 in Natal (KwaZulu-Natal). As a factory worker, Dlamini became a trade union member and rose thr... read more
John Mowbray Didcott was born on 14 August 1931, Durban, Natal.  After matriculating at Hilton College, outside Pietermaritzburg, Natal... read more
Oscar Dhlomo was born on 28 December 1943 at Putellos, Umbumbulu, about 30 kilometers south east of Durban, the fifth of the 11 children of... read more