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This biography was written by SAHO in collaboration with Artthrob MODUS OPERANDI Jo Ractliffe is a documentary photographer who captures the... read more
Born in 1955 and based most of his life in Cape Town, Emile Maurice was an artist, curator, author educator and Nation builder. He rece... read more
Cheryl Carolus was born on 20 April 1959 in Silvertown, Cape Town to a working class family. Her father was employed as a printer’s as... read more
Paramount Chief of the Mthethwa and leader of various northern Nguni groups who lived in the Zululand area before Shaka brought th... read more
Patricia de Lille was born in 1951 in Beaufort West, in the Cape. She received her primary education at the Methodist Primary School and the... read more
William Andrew Hofmeyr, popularly known as Advocate Willie Hofmeyr, was born on 22 November 1954 in Cape Town, South Africa[i] . After matri... read more
Makhenkesi Arnold Stofile, the son of Simon Stofile and Miriam Ngcongcobela, was born on 27 December 1944, in the Winterberg District of Ade... read more
Sydney Sipho Sepamla spent most of his life in Soweto, the enormous township southwest of Johannesburg. Sepamla has been grouped with poets... read more
General Jan Christiaan Smuts was born near Riebeeck West in the Cape Colony on 24 May 1870. His mother taught him the elements of reading an... read more
James Barry Munnik (JBM) Hertzog was born in Soetendal Wellington on the 6 th of April 1866. Hertzog was the eighth child of Johannes Albert... read more
Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 8 September 1901. He was the second child of Anje Strik and Wilhelmus Joh... read more
Davidson Don Tengo Jabavu (D. D. T) Jabavu was born in the Cape Colony in 1885. He was the eldest son of John Tengo Jabavu, a politician tur... read more