Chief Paramount Faku

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Chief of the Mpondos

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29 October 1867

Chief Faku was born in 1780 in Palmerton. He was son to Chief Ngqungqushe of the Mpondo society. After the death of his father, Faku became chief of the Mpondos.

In 1828 a group of the Mfecane fugitives fleeing Shaka's reign in Kwazulu attacked his place. As a result, they lost their land and cattle east of the Mzimvubu River. Because of the threat posed by these fugitive Governor of the Cape Lord Charles Somerset and other Xhosa societies victimised by the Mfecane attacks came to the aid of Faku. Somerset's aid of Faku cemented a close relationship between the two. Faku also re-organised his military and intensified raids in other communities. In 1844, Faku signed a treaty with the British, which recognised and provided protection for Faku. This new relationship enabled Faku to protect his land from the Voortrekkers leaving the Cape.

Faku died in 29 October 1867

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