George John Golding

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school principal, editor, involved in politics

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George John
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Ladismith, Cape Province, South Africa
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George John Golding was born in 1906 in Ladismith in the Cape, he attended Zonnebloem College and became a teacher and school principal in Cape Town. He was chairman of the Coloured Advisory Council, set up in 1943, and was attacked as a quisling or traitor by radical Coloureds who opposed collaboration with government-sponsored institutions. He was a founding member in 1944 and longtime president of the Coloured Peoples National Union, an organisation that superseded the African People's Organisation (APO) and later rivaled the South African Coloured People's Organisation as a mouthpiece of Coloured opinion. Golding took a lead in challenging the government's efforts in the 1950s to remove Coloured voters from the common voters' roll. He co-operated with the United Party but in later years tended to cooperate with the government. He was editor of the short-lived Sun, a newspaper for Coloureds, and was prominent in the Moral Rearmament Movement. Although he was involved in efforts to enlarge cooperation in sports among Coloureds, Africans, and Indians, his general orientation was toward acceptance by whites. He died in the late 1960s.

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