Lennox Madikane

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Member of the PAC and POQO. One of the first persons to be executed for sabotage. 

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Date of death: 
1 November 1963
Location of death: 
Pretoria Central Prison, Pretoria, South Africa

Lennox Madikane was a member of the Pan African Congress (PAC) and Poqo, the military wing of the PAC. Following Poqo attacks in Paarl, Cape Province (now Western Cape), Madikane was one of three PAC members sentenced to death for sabotage. The others were Fezile Felix Jaxa and Mxolisi Damane. The three were the first people sentenced to death for sabotage in South Africa. They were hung at the Pretoria Central Prison, Transvaal (now Gauteng) on 1 November 1963.

• SADET. The Road to Democracy in South Africa. Volume1 (1960 - 1970). Zebra Press. 2004. Cape Town, South Africa

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