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Diana Mitchell was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, or what was then known as Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, on 16 November 1932[i]. She was famous... read more
Wokpo was born on 26 July 1939 in Middelburg, Cape Town. He received his education at the University of Potchefstroom, but his studies were... read more
Frances “MaBaard” Baard was born in 1901 in Kimberley, Northern Cape. She worked as a domestic servant and then as a teacher bu... read more
Moses M. Kotane was born at Tamposstad in the Rustenburg district of the western Transvaal in 1905, Kotane came from a devoutly Christian pe... read more
Thembisile Chris Hani was born in the rural village of Sabalele, in the Cofimvaba region of the former Transkei. He was the fifth of the six... read more
Hassan Howa was born in 1922 in Cape Town, into a large working-class family. He matriculated from Trafalgar High School in District Six, af... read more
Andries Wilhelmus Jacobus Pretorius was born on 27 November 1798 near Graaff-Reinet in the Cape Colony. He was educated by travell... read more
Daniel William Alexander was born in 1880 in Port Elizabeth, the son of a West Indian father and an African mother. Ordained as an Angl... read more
Alexander was born in America and lived there until the age of 19, when she came to South Africa. She became friends with Gandhi whom she me... read more
Harriet Bolton was born in the former Transvaal, the eldest of four children – a younger brother and two sisters. Her family moved aro... read more
George Christopher Cato was born in 25 February 1814, London. The eldest son of a Huguenot family called Caton who settled in London. His fa... read more
Ismail Ahmed (Maulvi) Cachalia was born in the then Transvaal province of South Africa on 5 December 1908. At the time Cachalia’s fath... read more