Reverend Cedric Radcliffe Mayson

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Editor, banned person, Methodist minister, politcal detainee

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Act No. 44 of 1950 Sec. 9 (1). Issued Period(s) - [31 July 1978 to 31/10/1982]. [19 October 1977]
Restricted to Johannesburg.Editor of the Chritian Institute journal Pro Veritate; banned at the same time as the Reverend Beyers Naude and others; former Methodist minister. Detained in December 1976 for a short period.

Reverend Cedric Radcliffe Mayson, a former Methodist Minister was  restricted to Johannesburg. He was the editor of the Christian Institute journal, Pro Veritate. He was banned at the same time as the Reverend Beyers Naude and others.  Reverend Mayson was detained in December 1976 for a short period.

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