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Stanger was founded in 1872, and was named after the first Surveyor-General of the then Colony of Natal, William Stanger. KwaDukuza which incorporates the town of Stanger and Groutville is an area that resonates with a fascinating and grossly un-documented history. Stanger was the site of King Shaka’s capital, from which KwaDukuza derives its name. KwaDukuza was the name given to Shaka’s Royal Residence. Stanger is a bustling town situated along the east coast of South Africa in KwaZulu-Natal some eighty kilometres from the city of Durban.
Stanger was granted municipal status in 1949 and was given the significant name change to KwaDukuza in keeping with the principle of democratic transformation since 1994. In its early days Stanger served as a business hub for the many sugar mills within a twenty kilometre radius of the town. The business focus brought with it a variety of light industries, such as; education, health and other services for the farming communities.
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Last updated : 19-Jul-2017

This article was produced for South African History Online on 19-Jul-2017