Historical Background Barberton, the Daisy town, was named after Henry Barber in 1884, 24 July by the Gold Commissioner David Walson, after Barber and his cousin Fred discovered gold in the area. The mining of gold in South Africa began in Barberton, where Tom McLachlan found the first traces of alluvial gold in 1874. Since then, gold fields flourished as fortune seekers flocked to the area in search of gold. Today, the town has four gold mines that are more than 100 years and still in.. read more


Bloemfontein is the capital of the Free State Province, previously known as the Orange Free State. The city is known as the 'City of Roses', or Manguang, 'the place of cheetahs' and the landscape is predominantly dry grassland. Bloemfontein is currently the judicial capital of South Africa, and the seat of the Supreme Court of Appeal. .. read more

Cape Town

Also known as 'The Mother City', Cape Town is the largest city in the Western Cape Province, and was founded as a resupply stop for the Dutch East India Company. Today, Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa, and a popular tourist destination known for its beaches, vineyards and majestic landscapes and limitless ocean. .. read more

Cato Manor

History of Cato Manor.. read more

Crossroads Township

Crossroads Township is situated in Cape Town in the Wynberg district, some 12 km east of Athlone in the Western Cape Province... read more
Babanango is located about 58 km north-west of Melmoth in the KwaZulu-Natal Province. Initially the town was part of... read more
Our family history in South Africa starts back at the beginning of the last century when my grandfather arrived at the... read more
Bakone Malapa Northern Sotho Open-Air Museum. © This museum depicts the traditional and modern... read more
The Bantu Dramatic Society was founded in Johannesburg by Herbet Dhlomo in 1933 and was devoted to promoting black... read more
Historical Background Barberton, the Daisy town, was named after Henry Barber in 1884, 24 July by the Gold... read more
This imposing Victorian dwelling was erected in 1888 by EF Bourke, who later became the first mayor of Pretoria. It is... read more
The Lapa Munnik Pass or Bastervoetslaan is next to Kenmore and is located in the Joe Kenmore district Municipality,... read more
Bathurst, Eastern Cape, is one of the smallest but most interesting municipalities in South Africa. Founded in 1820,... read more
The Baxter Theatre Centre opened on 1 August  1977 and was designed by Jack Barnett as honor to the late Dr. W... read more
The double-storeyed building dates from 1803 and retains a number of fine Georgian and Victorian features. It was... read more
These properties, located between Muizenberg and St James, are the only remaining concentration of early 20th century... read more
Mangrove swamps have been rated amongst the rarest and most scientifically interesting eco-systems that occur in the... read more
The original portion of this double-storey manor house was built by Dirk Cloete in 1877, and boasts of a number of fine... read more
A town 573km from Cape Town, established in 1818 on the farm Hooyvlakte. Named by Lord Charles Somerset, Governor of... read more
  Settlement with a railway station and Post Office, North of Brits. It was given the name in 1837 by the... read more
The Bejani is a tribuatary of the Sabie River, entering from the North-West. Mkhohlu railway siding some 20km South-... read more
The area currently known as Bellville was originally used as a wagon halt for farmers bringing their produce to Cape... read more
Declared a National Monument
This double-storey building was erected shortly after the turn of the 20th century and has a number of fine neo-... read more
Declared a National Monument!
Captain Thomas Henry Duthie emigrated to the Cape in 1826. In 1830 he visited Knysna, where he was the guest of George... read more
Benin’s political history after colonialism was characterized by an early period of multiparty competition that proved... read more
The Bensusan Museum of Photography is named after Dr AD Bensusan, a former mayor of Johannesburg and a man who has... read more
Named after Jonas Bergtheil, this museum is situated in the leafy suburb of Westville, almost midway between Durban and... read more
This farm complex consists of a Cape Dutch house built in 1769, and a ring wall and outbuildings which were erected... read more
It was declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation on 21 September 1962. A part of the Cape Town Campus-... read more
  Back in 1802, the establishment of a missionary village on a deserted farm near Algoa Bay, now Port Elizabeth,... read more
On 6 August 1901, during the Second Anglo Boer War, Boer forces under Commandant Hans Lotter entered Bethesda Road in... read more
The stone bridge spanning the Gariep River at Bethulie Drift was opened to traffic in March 1879, and a village, known... read more
The Bill Ainslie Studios was established in 1964 by Bill Ainslie, who was also known as William Stewart Ainslie,... read more