(prior to 1910) Magisterial districtof 47 962 sq km (18 518 sq miles) in the North-Western Cape, after Gordonia(53 546... read more
Namibia, a former German colony, is situated towards the north west of South Africa. The Orange River marks the border... read more
(prior to 1910) In 1833 the Dutch Reformed Church in Swellendam determined to establish a new congregation to meet... read more
The temple was founded in 1896, and is controlled by the Narainsamy Family Trust. The building was designed and built... read more
The Botanical Gardens were founded in 1946 and now contains one of the most important and comprehensive collections of... read more
National Cultural Museum. Source: Known as the African Window, situated on Visagie Street, this... read more
The monument created by Anton van Wouw, was put up in 1913 in remembrance of the 26 370 Boer women and children... read more
An extremely popular spot providing excellent views of the town and the Franklin Game Reserve forms part of the hill.... read more
The racially segregated suburb of Ndabeni was established in about May 1901 near Maitland. It owes its origins to the... read more