Historical Background Barberton, the Daisy town, was named after Henry Barber in 1884, 24 July by the Gold Commissioner David Walson, after Barber and his cousin Fred discovered gold in the area. The mining of gold in South Africa began in Barberton, where Tom McLachlan found the first traces of alluvial gold in 1874. Since then, gold fields flourished as fortune seekers flocked to the area in search of gold. Today, the town has four gold mines that are more than 100 years and still in.. read more


Bloemfontein is the capital of the Free State Province, previously known as the Orange Free State. The city is known as the 'City of Roses', or Manguang, 'the place of cheetahs' and the landscape is predominantly dry grassland. Bloemfontein is currently the judicial capital of South Africa, and the seat of the Supreme Court of Appeal. .. read more

Cape Town

Also known as 'The Mother City', Cape Town is the largest city in the Western Cape Province, and was founded as a resupply stop for the Dutch East India Company. Today, Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa, and a popular tourist destination known for its beaches, vineyards and majestic landscapes and limitless ocean. .. read more

Cato Manor

History of Cato Manor.. read more

Crossroads Township

Crossroads Township is situated in Cape Town in the Wynberg district, some 12 km east of Athlone in the Western Cape Province... read more
It was declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation on 6 April 1936.
(prior to 1910) The division of Paarl was originally part of the district of Stellenbosch, and was proclaimed a... read more
(prior to 1910) The settlement of Hooge Kraal was established in 1813 as a station of the London Missionary Society (... read more
Fietas (as the place was popularly known) is one of the oldest communities in the western suburbs of Johannesburg, and... read more
Construction on the Pakhuis Pass began in 1875, and was carried out by convict labour under the direction of Thomas... read more
This is an imposing double-storey structure, erected in about 1785. From 1886 it was used as a military barracks and... read more
Pampierstad (now Thuso a Sotho or Tswana word meaning Help/Assistance) was established in the former homeland of... read more
Parow was a residential suburb of Cape Town, located some 16km from the city centre. It was established by Johann... read more
The dwelling is a low single-storey structure with few architectural features of note. However it was spacious and well... read more
The Conservatory was designed and erected by Boyd & Son, of Paisley, in Scotland, who dismantled the original... read more
(prior to 1910) The division of Victoria was established on 23 December 1847 on territory between the Great Fish and... read more
(prior to 1910) Umxelo was established in 1839 by the Reverend Richard Birt as a station of the London Missionary... read more
(prior to 1910) Mission stationin the extreme north-eastern corner of Namaqualand, about 28 km northwestof Pofadder... read more
Click on image to enlarge This stadium was constructed for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and is named after Peter Mokaba,... read more
The Museum houses some of the finest examples of African artefacts, such as: beadwork, headrests, milk pails, snuff... read more
The village of Philadelphia was established on a site previously known as Koeberg.
The settlement of Springfield was established sometime before December 1896, and in August 1898 its name was changed to... read more
(prior to 1910) Philipton was established in 1829 as a station of the London Missionary Society, and was named in... read more
More info to come. Read the online book: Commemorating the Centenary of Phoenix Settlement 1904 - 2004 for further... read more
Piketberg (originally Piquetberg) is a town in the Western Cape nestling on the foothills of the Piketberg Mountains... read more
The Pilanesberg game Reserve is situated in the crater of a large extinct volcano formed more than 1,3-billion years... read more
The residence was designed in 1903 by Herbert Baker and erected by master builder John Barrow on behalf of AE Balfour,... read more
About half an hour’s drive from Durban is a thriving industrial and commercial town named after Sir Benjamin Pine... read more
Pioneer Museum. Source: Situated in Silverton, this museum is a restored Victorian-style settler... read more
It was declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation on 27 October 1978.
(prior to 1910) The division of Piquetberg originally fell under the district of Tulbagh, whose drostdy was... read more
Plumstead was developed on the site of an old VOC military camp some 13km south of Cape Town and, by 1823, was already... read more
Pollsmoor Prison is situated in Tokai, Cape Town, and is the largest prison in the Western Cape Province. Today the... read more
The capital of the Limpopo Province, Polokwane or “Place of Safety” is the largest urban centre in the... read more
This museum was founded in 1970 by Jack Botes, a former Town Clerk. Today there are over 1000 works displayed in the... read more