Fort Klapperkop

Fort Klapperkop. Source:

Fort Klapperkop was the third fort erected by the Krupp firm, was completed on 18 January 1898 and cost £50 000. Adjutant A.S.D Erasmus was the commander of the fort. The fort also had paraffin-powered electricity, a telephone, telegraphic links and running water from Fountains Valley, shared with Fort Schanskop. The design incorporated a moat and drawbridge, but the moat was never filled with water as the shale it was cut from was porous. The Fort was initially manned by 17 troops, which later increased to 30, but all were gradually withdrawn and sent elsewhere during the course of the South African War. Although the forts were never fully armed, the well-known 155mm Creusot cannon (Long Tom) was purchased for this fort, as well as the other forts, although these were also withdrawn. On 24 June 1938, the fort was declared a historic monument, and in 1963, Fort Klapperkop was declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation and now forms part of Gauteng's Provincial Heritage Sites.  

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