Kliptown Museum

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The story the Kliptown Open Air Museum tells of the thousands of people who contributed to the drafting of the Freedom Charter through photographs, news clippings, art, song and narration. Artefacts from those people who witnessed the signing of the charter are on display, while oral testimonies and songs sung during the 1955 gathering in Kliptown, play in the background. Housed in an old hardware store on the edge of the Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication next to the upmarket Soweto Hotel & Conference Centre, this innovative and compact museum brings to life the story of the Freedom Charter and the historic Congress of the People! Wire sculptures of leading activists and ordinary people are annotated with personal testimonies that portray the great excitement and emotions of the event. Life in 1950s South Africa is also brought vividly into perspective with photographs and news clippings illustrating the increasing levels of oppression that South Africans faced on a daily basis.


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This article was produced for South African History Online on 14-Jul-2011