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The history of working people, and particularly Black workers, to organise is inextricably tied to the struggle against racism and national... read more
With colonialism, which began in South Africa in 1652, came the Slavery and Forced Labour Model.  This was the original model of... read more
This article was written by Justin Lawler and forms part of the SAHO and Southern Methodist University partnership project During the... read more
Contents 1910s - Anti-pass campaigns The 1920s - Women, employment and the changing economic scene The 1930s - Trade unionism... read more
HIV/Aids is a deadly disease, which is currently not curable. The United Nations AIDS agency (UNAIDS) says the evidence that HIV is the... read more
The idea of forming an association was discussed in the Nyanga hostel. The discussion were given impetus by the 1981 decision by the local... read more
The first slaves arrived at the Cape in 1658, despite Jan van Riebeeck's several prior attempts at requesting slaves for the settlement... read more
While the tricameral parliament was designed to co-opt Coloureds and Indians and to bring a renewed legitimacy to the Apartheid regime,... read more
This article was written by Claire Wilt and forms part of the SAHO and Southern Methodist University partnership project Abstract Inanda... read more
Was the system of indentured Indian labour "a new system of slavery"?as Hugh Tinker entitles his book? The answer would depend on how the... read more
The majority of Indian South Africans are the descendants of indentured workers brought to Natal between 1860 and 1911 to develop the sugar... read more
1946 Passive Resistance Campaign Introduction Discriminatory laws directed at the Indian community Discriminatory practices against... read more
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1900 The East London Mayor's Minute for 1899-1900 states that 1000 refugees from war in the Transvaal and the Free State are camping... read more
Contents Introduction The concept of segregation Discriminatory legislation up to 1924 Political Legislation Economic Legislation... read more